Four Easy and Beautiful Wine Bottle Crafts

Wine bottle crafts are a smart way to recycle empty wine bottles and turn them into something decorative or more useful. They do not require a great amount of talent to complete one of these crafts.

Here are four wine bottle craft ideas to help you transform an ordinary wine bottle into a modern work of art.

1. Wine Bottle Lamp

With a few simple tools, it is simple to turn an old wine bottle into a lamp. To begin, you carefully drill a hole at the side bottom of the bottle. To prevent cracking, it is important to keep the drill post cool by spraying it with water.

The hole is where the cord will be threaded. The top side is where the socket for the light bulb will be assembled. The other side of the cord is the plug for the wall. After the bulb is screwed into place, a decorative lamp shade can be chosen.

wine bottle lamps

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2. Wine Bottle Votive Candle Holder

Wine Bottle Votive Candle Holder

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An old wine bottle is perfect to make a votive candle holder. It can be used around the house or as a festive party centerpiece. To begin, you measure three inches from the bottom of the bottle and scores the glass with a bottle cutter.

The edges are smoothed and cleaned with a solution of vinegar and water. The glass can be painted or decorated with any design. A candle is placed inside. This is one of the easiest wine bottle crafts ever and looks very expensive.

3. Wine Bottle Wind Chime

Wine Bottle Wind Chime

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During the summer months, it can be nice to sit back and listen to the sound of a homemade wind chime. To make the craft, you start with collecting five different sized wine bottles. Each bottle is cut approximately one inch under the bottle neck’s curve. Each edge is sanded smooth, and then fishing line is fed through each one along with a large bead in between each of the levels.

They are layered and hung according to size. When finished, the wind chime can be pointed for a more finished look.

4. Wine Bottle Vase

Wine Bottle Vases

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One of the most popular wine bottle crafts is making a vase. It is always nice to have an extra vase around the house. Using an old wine bottle is a creative idea. To begin, the bottle must be cleaned and rinsed thoroughly. The label must be removed as well. Stickers can be placed on the outside to form a nice pattern.

Using tempera paint on the bottle will work best. It must be dried before the stickers are removed. In the end, a beautiful work of art will be unveiled. As with any vase, it can be filled with water and flowers can be added.

Wine bottle crafts are perfect for people who entertain and have many of these bottles lying around. The above ideas are just a few things that can be done with empty bottles. Instead of throwing them away, they can be turned into something decorative and useful.