How to Make Wine Bottle Chandelier

One of the most beautiful decorations possibly created from some empty bottles is wine bottle chandelier. Such decoration can be placed in almost any room in the house, such as bedroom, dining room, or living room. A factory-manufactured, ready-to-use chandelier can be relatively expensive; however, provided with the proper materials and little craftsmanship skills, anyone can create a DIY chandelier from used stuffs.

If properly constructed, the beauty effect of the DIY item is very similar to that of the factory-manufactured one. In other words, it costs less, but it provides the same good thing.


Before discussing further on the step-by-step guide, it is good to outline the necessary materials to create the decoration. Of course, some empty wine bottles are the main materials to use; people can easily use their unused bottles that they keep in the garage, or purchase some of them from local stores. Other necessary things include chandelier frame; this material can be difficult to make, so it is wise to purchase the ready-made one from the market.

The most commonly used design to make wine bottle chandelier is the round-shaped one. Other essential stuffs include bottle cutter, light bulbs (one for each bottle), sandpaper, and safety goggle.


Simple wine bottle chandelier

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One thing to remember is that the entire processes should be done before the chandelier frame is mounted to the ceiling. It will be easier if you arrange all the required procedures on the table or floor. The-step-by-step guide is outlined as follows:

1. The first thing to do is to remove the bottom of each wine bottle using bottle cutter or tile cutter. This step is probably the most difficult and it requires a good deal of craftsmanship. It is also possible to remove the bottom with a drilling power tool, but you must do this very carefully using only glass drill bit. Another important thing is that you must use the safety goggles along the process.

2. Use the sandpaper to make the cutting edges of the bottles very smooth. Once again, you must do this carefully; the cutting edges can be very sharp that they can hurt the hand. If necessary, wear a pair of gloves.

3. The next job to do is to thread the wine bottles over the sockets on the chandelier frame. This process can be either easy or difficult depending on the chandelier frame design you use. It is wise to purchase any particular design that will make the job easier for you. There are various designs available in stores; you should pick one that fits your needs. Thread the bottles in upside down positions.

4. Screw-in the light bulbs (one for each bottle), so the bottle becomes the hood for the bulbs. Arrange the wire neatly so it is not cluttering the wine bottle chandelier.

5. Now that everything is ready, you need to mount the chandelier to the ceiling. Consider the height; make it high enough for safety reasons.

6. Plug the wiring onto a power outlet and enjoy.


With the proper tools and enough skills, a DIY wine bottle chandelier can be ready in no time. It requires some efforts but the result is worth the struggle. You can use many different colors of bottles and light bulbs to make distinguishable lighting effects.